I started guiding because I wanted others to experience the thrills I have had. There is nothing like seeing that white spiral of snows dropping down to get "In Your Face." I am outfitted to hunt all species of waterfowl. We hunt on private land over a three county area in West Central Missouri. I want to guide you on your next waterfowl experience here in Missouri.

We use pits, above ground blinds, layout blinds and we also lay out hunt, which means we lay among the spread. We wear white and cover up in the decoys giving you a up close view of the birds working into the dekes

You can purchase your Missouri permits and Migratory bird by phone: 

1-800-392-4115. If you have any questions contact me at 
573-336-3780 or 573-586-9808 or send an email to: bowens171@embarqmail.com

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