Where can I purchase permits if I do not want to purchase on line?

You can stop at any Wal Mart store in Missouri and purchase your permits. Most vendors have a MDC sign in the store front.

  What permits do I need during the Spring Conservation order?

YOU ONLY need the Missouri Spring Conservation permit $5.00 for residents and $40.00 for non residents.


Does my son or daughter need these permits?

If the child is 15 or younger they are exempt. However, they need to be in the presence of an adult that is hunter safety certified person who has the necessary permits.


Do we hunt more than snows?

Yes, depending on what seasons are open. I brief everyone prior to shooting time what we CAN shoot.


Do I need a plugged gun?

Yes you will need a plugged gun that holds no more than 3 shells, when the spring conservation order starts you do not need a plug in your gun.


What is the limit of snows?

In the fall season  the limit is 20 per day, during the spring conservation order period there is no limit..

What are the shooting times?

We will hunt until 2:00 P.M. daily.


How much does it cost for the kids?

Children up to 15 are half price.


I have some equipment I want to try out ie.. blinds, calls can I bring it and try it out?

I ask that you check with me when booking your hunt.


Do I need a call?

You DO NOT have to bring one but I can tell you the more folks who can call the better.

 Can I bring a non hunting person to observe?

You can bring a non hunting person to observe, if there is room. They still are charged 1/2 price.

If I cancel can I get a refund?

All booked hunts require a 50% deposit that is not refundable. You can sell your position to another person or make arrangements with me to move your hunt to another date.